About Us

Horrorcore Magazine gives you what you want… All the latest News, Updates, Music and Videos of artist emerging in the Horrorcore Genre. Horrorcore is a difficult genre to understand for the average human being but needless to say the ones who listen to Horrorcore are far beyond average.

Our Readers are Unique one-of-a-kind Individuals who represent a true passion for a dark side of life and music. They Support and carry the underground music scene in a way no other genre has, “Horrorcore” is a deep dark place in the underground and we are the ones who represent it.

We Not only give you The Latest  Inside scoops on Horrorcore but also feed your need for other topics like: Conspiracies, Legalization, Tattoos, Underground Art, Movies, Books, and a Beautiful Horrorcore Queen… “Miss Horrorcore”!

So come be a part of an underground movement never to emerge until now “HORRORCORE MAGAZINE” and Feed Your NEED!!



Horrorcore Magazine started up in January 2013 by entrepreneur and Avid Horrorcore fan Kirk Chewning in hopes to open up the world of Horror based music for the world to see. Horrorcore Music is a taboo that most people don’t understand or care to try too. We believe that the world has not seen the advancement in music and culture like we see in the underground today. We are here to widespread the underground to new heights bringing it to a level where avid Horror fans and can see what else the world has to offer besides PG-13 Horror Movies. We are bringing to light a new world to the public eye and millions of potential fans and listeners.

On April 24 2013 Horrorcore Magazine had teamed up with Horrorcore Rap Star “MARS” owner of Mad Insanity Records and Red Planet Enterprises to again bring the Underground to another level. With Red Planet partnered with Horrorcore Magazine it has opened new opportunities to expand their growth and mass spread throughout the world.