-What Got you Started In Music?              

We all knew each other in High School, though we traveled in different groups, we shared a common interest in music that was realized outside of school.  A few years after High School, we (M.NazT, LoCipher, Nap3Nig), got together and met Jonnie Sparkel of Livingsun Studios, who had a backlog of beats and a desire to put together a new project, Nap3Nig presented a poem he had written (Confessions) and that turned into our first EP (We Are I).  After that, you couldn’t get us to stop writing.  Now, with Jonnie’s guidance, and non stop beat making ability, we have over 90 songs in circulation all over the web.


 – What do you like about Horrorcore Magazine – 


I think we can all agree that Horrorcore Magazine is a voice to the world for the otherwise, less known media.  Some people still don’t know this kind of entertainment is available, though it’s exactly what they want.  Without Horrorcore Mag, they would be left in the dark with no way to know there are people like us, describing how they feel or how they see the world… That leads to feeling alone, and that can be a dangerous thing.  Also, we’ve been with HM since the beginning and we love that they exsist and have a passion for this music like we do.


 – What is your crowning achievement so far – 


Like I said before, we have A LOT of music out there, all with their own flare and greatness.  With that said, the best album differs per which artist you ask, NazT’s favorite is the album titled “About You”, LoCipher has been stuck on our latest release, “Treats for Tricks Vol. 3” lately, however, he raves that “No Hope” is probably our best work.  And Nap3Nig… well.  He’s Nap3.  He hates everything!


 – How long have you been making music – 


I Need an Adult has been in the game for 2, almost 3 years now, however, LoCipher and M.NazT have extensive musical experience outside of INAA.  M.NazT has tinkered with music since he was 14, playing instruments and in various rock bands around Tampa, FL.  LoCipher himself has been in many projects as well over the years and has been working with Jonnie Sparkel since Livingsun Studios was created.


 – If we could work with anyone, who and why – 


Definitely Twiztid.  We all have love for Twiztid and what they do.  It would be a SICK collaboration if we could get together.  I think they would dig our style and be able to build on it with ease.


 – How did we get our stage name – 


Our name… Well one day, we were all at M.NazT’s place discussing logistics of putting this project together and listening to some of Jonnie’s beats when LoCipher made an inappropriate comment.  Quickly M.NazT responded “I Need an Adult!” and laughing ensued.  Then a realization… That’s it.  Exactly what we needed!  A phrase that embodied our lyrical phrasing and really, how we felt we grew up, Needing an Adult.  Letting the internet raise us is what caused this, we know, we are not the only ones.  Our generations parents were workers, when they got home it was, “just leave me be, I just worked all day”.  This lead to a lot of inward thinking and decision making based off of the television and internet perceptions.  Hence our music is now a reflection of the world around us… Fucking Crazy.


 – Are you signed – 


No, I Need an Adult is not signed.  Not that we are against it, but with this style of music, the “right person”, or company in this case, is a little harder to find.


 – Who has the most talent in the underground in our opinion – 


Other than INAA? hahaha, probably have to go with Twiztid again.


 – Do you have any new releases – 


Always.  We are constantly recording and making videos.  As usual we have our New Years Eve release coming up, along with our annual Valentines Day release.  All good stuff, keep your eye on justmorefilth.com to stay up to date!


 – Any shout outs


Well of course we have to throw a shout out to Horrorcore Magazine, we thank you for your support and spreading the word about I Need an Adult.  Jonnie Sparkel needs a mention, without him none of this would be possible.  And of course the fans!  We do this for you, keep on listening and we’ll keep on bringing the heat!  For the fans in Tampa, FL and surrounding areas, keep an eye out for the live shows we are currently putting together and stay wicked!



I Need an Adult