Q: What is your Stage Name?

A: Kraziak

Q:  How long have you been doing this?

A:  I wrote a lot of stuff growing up throughout middle and High school but my first real recording wasnt til around 2005 on a song with a rap group called “Sick City Souljaz”. I got invited on the song at the last minute since I was actually involved in the crime that the song was inspired by. I remember writing all day and night because I was so obsessed with giving the song a good verse and proving my skills. When I finnally hit the booth I nailed it on the first try and the verse ended up being super dope.  I go through alot of different phases in life but eventually I started recording at home with a shitty BR-800, and put out a low quality solo album in 2010.


Q: How many albums have you released?
A: 3. My first album was called “Time Has Come”. I handed out tons of burnt CD’s and released it for free download on sites like Faygoluvers.net. My next album was a rap duo effort “Overloaded” with another local artist “Cody B”, Who I met while doing shows at The Roxy Theatre in Denver. We clicked up and In 2013  put out an album titled “Dead End Streetz”, and even founded the record label “Dangerouz Mindz Muzik”. At this point my music finally had a professional quality thanks to Cody hooking me up with Vernacular Studios here in Denver, CO. We were greatful to pick up another super talented artist from northern Colorado named “Oogie Boogie” on DMM and In 2014 he put an album out called “You Fucked Up” which featured me on 3 songs.  “Paranoia Poison” my latest solo album was actually finished in late 2014 but wasnt released until October of 2016.


Q:Have any albums or projects in the works?
A: Yea, My new project, which I hope to complete by early 2017 is titled “Muzik MediSin”. The title came to me after a long break from writing when I realized I truly need music to survive, Kinda like a perscription. I had a huge void in me for a long time after I left the music scene in 2014.  I believe God pulled me away for good reasons, but I do regret walking away from all the hard work I had put in. “Muzik MediSin” will help me tell this story better.


Q: Any Tours planned?
A: Not at the time.


Q:Who are some big names you opened for?
A: Ive opened up for Rittz a few times, Blaze a few times, Prozak, Boondox, Da Mafia Six, Project Pat, Mastamind, Scum, and many more. Ive also played Gorefest on multiple occasions.


Q:If you could tell an upcoming artist one thing what would be your advice?
A: Take your time on each song. Dont focus on getting an album done, just look at every song like it is your last song and perfect it! Also, Dont get tangled up in the drama of the local scene its just terrible on your moral.  Dont worry about merch, starting a label, right away and just focus on perfecting your craft.


Q:Where can we find your music?
A: My music can be found almost anywhere like Spotify, Itunes, Googleplay, CDbaby and more.


Q:Any Last Words?
A: I want to give a shout out to Jordan and Jerry over at Vernacular Music for producing and engineering my music. Those dudes are musical genius’s and I am happy to work with them again on Muzik MediSin. And thank you to Horrorcore Magazine for featuring me in this years Halloween issue!