Menacide – Murda One


1. I Love It (Feat. Simken Heights)

2. Maniac

3. Menacide & Esham (Skit)

4. Shoot 1st (Feat. The Dayton Family, McNastee, & Esham)

5. Shoestring TDF Intro

6. This Iz Murda (Feat. Shoestring Of The Dayton Family)

7. Murda Muzik

8. Slash (Feat. Insane Loc)

9. Bonus Track – Live From The Ghetto (Feat. Bootleg & Ghetto E Of The Dayton Family)

10. Body Bag Edition Outro (Esham)


I am reviewing “Murda One” by the underground veteran Menacide.
This album Menacide has put together is non stop bangers. Each song gives you the old school classic feel you will love. Hard and harsh lyrics with amazing story telling on each song. The special guest add a great touch to the songs like adding toppings on a sundae. The instrumentals used on this project all sound amazing and give each song a unique sound yet allows Menacide to stay true to his signature sound and style he has developed over the years. All of these songs hit hard and the mixing and mastering is very clean and professional sounding. I would have to say the songs “Maniac”,”Shoot 1st”, “Murda Muzik”,and “Slash” are standout tracks and would be songs I suggest you to check out first if you are a new fan or you are just hearing about Menacide now.

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