Razakel Perfectly Disgusting review


Artist: Razakel

Album: Perfectly Disgusting

Year: Released 2017


1) She’s Disgusting

2) Jennifer

3) Boomerang

4) Clueless ft. Jenocia X, Haze, Miss Kisa, J. Irja & Fellatia Geisha

5) Next To You ft. W (Legion & Murda D) & Don Orias

6) Restless

7) Shut Up Bxtch ft The Slice Girls

8) Bf Killer

9) Haunting Reminder


Today I will be reviewing Razakels 14 studio project titled “Perfectly Disgusting”. This is her first project since her departure from S.K.R. In this review I will be doing a song by song break down.

1) She’s Disgusting-The production on this song is amazing. The instrumental hits hard and has amazingly smooth bass. Razakel opens up with an in your face sound and straights up hits the listener with aggressive lyrics. I will give credit for this song is a great choice to open this ep up with.

2) Jennifer-Once again the bass line for this song is amazing sounding. This song Razakel begins with smooth singing vocals that she has worked on over the years and has improved a lot on since she first started adding this element into her music. The chorus is very catchy and the melody to it works so well for the song. Razakel hit’s everything that she is known for with her verses and it sounds like she has grown lyrically.

3) Boomerang-I will say I love the way this song begins. It has a most pit style to it. I won’t say in a “metal sound” but it hits everything so well you will want to move to the song. The instrumental build ups are awesome and give you hyped up and has a high energy feeling. The whole song is great to vibe out too.

4) Clueless ft. Jenocia X, Haze, Miss Kisa, J. Irja & Fellatia Geisha –
This song showcases more of Razakel’s singing when it opens up. The she hits you with some aggressive lyrics. When you least expect it Jenocia -X verse hits and it’s not lacking at all. She delivers amazing work. Haze kicks in next and to me it feels like the power of the song loses a bit of momentum. Miss Kisa picks up with the momentum again with her verse. J. Irja comes in with a better verse than Haze. Fellatia Geisha verse follows next and sounds very monotone and lackluster.

5) Next To You ft. W (Legion & Murda D) & Don Orias-
The chorus to this song stands out 100% when you first hear it,both memebers of “W” deliver some amazing verses on this song. Razakel brings us such an amazingly spooky song. The instrumental matches up with all the artist when it comes to the verses and hooks. Don Orias comes in towards the end and rips his verse apart. Don brings a unique flow to the song and has a very distinct sound.This song is easily a sadistic and eerie one.

6) Restless –

This song gives us a breath of fresh air as it slows things down and gives us more of Razakel singing. Even though it is slower and more relax doesn’t mean Razakel tones down the lyrical content when doing horrorcore. This is one amazing song as it gives us a different side to Razakel and show she can still bring us horrorcore with out having the up and in your face style. The instrumental is hypnotizing and very mellow compared to other songs I have heard on this ep so far but make no mistake this doesn’t take away from the song it only adds to it in the end.

7) Shut Up Bxtch ft The Slice Girls
The track is more mellow but not as mellow as the last one. Razakel gives us some awesome lyrics and a great catchy chorus. She may not be as aggresive on the song vocally but that doesn’t mean her lyrics aren’t aggressive. I enjoy how she can change everything up and give us something a bit different. I never heard of The Slice Girls before this song played but too be honest I wasn’t too impressed with them. They aren’t terrible but they aren’t blowing me away. They sit right in the middle as passable.

8) Bf Killer –
I’m not sure if this song is based on her passed relationship experience but either way this song is fucking amazing. Razakel goes on to talk about a woman being push to the limit by a shitty bf to the point to she loses her mind. I feel it’s great to hear something like this from Razakel. Razakel weaves an amazing story with this song and it’s a top notch stand out song if you want to hear something a bit more different.

9) Haunting Reminder –
Closing out with this song was an amazing move on Razakel’s part. This song focus mainly on singing. The haunt vocals to such a dark and atmospheric instrumental makes for a bone chilling track. She tones everything down to focus on a powerful “Ballad”. This song is well crafted from the lyrics to the singing to the instrumental selection. The song goes by so quick as you get drawn into it.

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